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Radix Dance Crew

From the summer of 2016 -

Radix Dance Crew.jpg

Radix Dance Crew was founded with the vision of creating performing arts within urban dance styles, as well as creating an group enviroment that could grow and develope together. The company was established after audition in the summer of 2016 and has its foundation in hip hop. It's founded and led by Irlin E. Finsådal, with me as co-leader.
For a better insight on who we are, please visit our website

Radix currently consists of the dancers

Lisa Marie Lunden, Gina Alemàn Herrera,  Irlin E. Finsådal, Amelia Smuts, Kari Amanda Frøseth og Silje Olava Bakken.

In addition we have with us Julia Alieva and Mia Sørhus as trainees.

     Radix' showreel  

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