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About Silje Olava

Silje Olava graduated from the Norwegian College of Dance (NCD) in 2015 with a bachelor in dance and pedagogy, with a major in jazzdance. She is now working full-time as a dance teacher, freelance dancer and choreographer, both nationally and abroad. Since graduating from NCD, she has worked as a dance teacher at Oslo Cultural School and Jessheim Dance School, where she teaches all ages in a variety of dance styles. She has also taught internationally through workshops in Kampala, Uganda, and Macau, China. In the spring of 2019, she completed her PPU, practical pedagogical education, at the Academy of Fine Arts. In the autumn of 2022, she will graduate from OsloMet after completing a year of study in Cultural Management.

As a freelancer, the assignments range from shows and performances, to TV shows and music videos. "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Fiddler on the Roof" and a national tour with comedian Tommy Steine's stand up show "Latterlig Livredd" are some of

the shows she has done. In addition, she has

acquired knowledge from longer and shorter stays

abroad. She lived 3 months in Paris via an exchange
program from NCD, and taken classes in New York,
Uganda, Ukraine and Los Angeles.

As artistical director, Silje Olava traveled with a group of 20 performers to Macau in the summer of 2016 and participated in the International Youth Dance Festival. In the summer of 2018 and 2019, she returned and performed with her hip hop crew Radix, where she is leader, choreographer, performing dancer and application manager. With Radix she produced the whole of three performances here in Norway;  "Blikkbox", "Infected" and "Restrains".

As a choreographer, she is hired by various dance groups, schools, musical productions, artists and dance companies. With artist Aili, she has choreographed and danced in both music videos, shows and TV appearances. In the autumn of 2021, she, together with Lisa Marie Lunden, was hired by Kristine Glennes Ballet School to make an 30 minute long piece for their main company, to celebrate their 35 years anniversary in Bærum Kulturhus. Silje Olava has also choreographed for the musical productions
"Rock Of Ages" and "Flashdance" under the auspices of the Regionrådet i Nord-Gudbrandsdal.

As a producer, Silje Olava made two performances in the summer of 2017; a children's performance that premiered at Kilden Theater 1st of July, and the performance "Feast Your Eyes" (FYE) in Kampala later that month. FYE was a collaboration project with dancers from Kampala where they presented the results of a two week intensive project period.

Photo by Marit Nyhus. Hair by Nina Trettøy.

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