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Dance Teacher

Silje Olava has been teaching at Oslo Cultural School and Jessheim Dance School
since she graduated from the Norwegian College of Dance in 2015.

In spring 2019 she finished a PPU study at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts
in order to further develop her educational skills.

She teaches hip hop, jazz, modern, classical ballet, point shoes and creative dance for children.

In addition to her main teaching jobs, she gets hired in by different schools and organizations to hold workshops. Some of the employers under this section are Voss Dance school, 2express DA in Bergen Vestfold Gymnastics Festival, Dombås School, Nes High School, Norway's KFUK-KFUM, and Oslo Idrettskrets Youth Team district Søndre-Nordstrand.


She has also taught internationally through workshops in Kampala, Uganda, and in Macau, China.
During the pandemic, she held a digital workshop organized by the Invertava Dance Collective, London.

Silje Olava is also available for privat tutoring.


Oslo Cultural School dept. Schous

Jessheim Dance School                                                      


Sometimes Pole Studio, Oslo                                              

Jobbstrekken Oslo                                                              

Lesja-Dovre Dance Team                                                              

Sel Cultural School                                                                        

Liv Greve Greli /

Un-Magritt Nordseth  / Janne Foss                           

Maria Lockert / Elita Bjørknes


Alexandra Matusiak                               

Mette Kjær Enger                                      

Jan Åge Olsen-Bye 

Jertru T. Stallvik                                         

Creativ dance, dance for kids, ballet, hip hop and jazz

Intern jazz beginners. autumn 2014                                           

Ballet, point shoes, contemporary, jazz and hip hop.

Intern classical ballet autumn 2014                                            

Jazz for youths/adults                                                                 

Hip hop kids                                                                                 

Hip hop kids and the instructors      

                                                                                                      Hip hop kids                                                                                

08.15 - currently        


08.15 - currently    


09.15 - 05.16                                  

09.12 - 05.13                                      

01.11 - 05.11                                                                             
09.09 - 12.09                                           

09.07 - 05.08                           

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