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Concept video "Queen Things"

October 2022

In October Radix worked with a new concept video and of course collaborated with our favorite videographer;

Marius Krohn-Hauglie.

Me and my hip-hopper in crime, Beate, created this choreography from a footwork exercise we played with on one of our training sessions, which suddenly developed into something more. This choreography and video is all about the good vibes where we can just enjoy the movements and have fun together.


Concept og choreography

Beate Brevik & Silje Olava Bakken 


Beate Brevik 

Irlin Finsådal 

Lisa Marie Lunden 

Mia Sørhus 

Silje Olava Bakken 


Marius Krohn-Hauglie 

Video editing

Beate Brevik & Silje Olava Bakken 


Masengo feat. Cruel Santino - Queen Things 
Santi Remix


Operataket i Oslo

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