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LDD Summer Dance Camp 

2021 - 2024

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For the fourth year in a row, in collaborations with Lesja Dovre Danseteam, I`m organizing a dance camp for children and young people aged 4-18 at Dombås.

The tasks related to this project encompassed everything from planning, meeting activities, distribution of work, artistic responsibility and direction related to performance, teaching, and communication and collaboration with external partners.

It is very rewarding to be able to share the joy I have found
in dance in the local environment where I myself grew up.

I really enjoy this work and
I'm already looking forward to this year's camp!

The team

Organizers and main teachers

Marie Olsen-Bye 

Silje Olava Bakken 


Photo og video

Inga Selsjord 



Dancers in the videoen

Students at LDD Summer Dance Camp 


Knut-Erik Sætrom


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