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Music video
      "Sugar Honey Spice"
              - Wilhelmina

September 2020

Had the pleasure of dancing in Wilhelmine's latest music video for the song

"Sugar Honey Spice"

Thank you so much for the fun
collaboration Wilhelmina.
You're truly a great artist and a
wonderful soul.

The Team

Editing: Mina Wang-Andersen

Choreography: Irlin Finsådal

Dancers: Irlin Finsådal, Silje Olava Bakken, Synne Johansen, Henriette Lossius, Lisa Marie Lunden and Beate Brevik

Styled by: Wilhelmina Eurenius

Make up: Johanne Espeseth and Wilhelmina Eurenius

Hair: Wilhelmina Eurenius

Location: The Vigeland museum

Assistants: Frida Ahlström and Julie Delia Strøm Lie

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