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Student performance "Tur/Retur" 

May 2023

In the spring of 2023, I worked as project leader for Oslo Cultural School's annual dance performance at Riksscenen.

The tasks related to this project included everything from meeting activities, budgeting, work distribution, promotion, communication, and cooperation with external partners.

This was incredibly exciting and educational,
and I had a great time!

Thank you for your trust and for an amazing show!

Bilde 08.02.2020, 02 50 17.jpg
Bilde 10.02.2024, 17 22 35.jpg

The team behind

Director: Emanuel W. Hem

Project manager: Silje Olava Bakken

Venue: Riksscenen


Educators at Oslo Kulturskole


Pupils at Oslo Kulturskole from the age of 13 and upwards.

Photo:  Silje Olava Bakken 



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