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Summer Dance Festival 2022

June - July 2022

In the summer of 2022, Radix Dance Crew was invited to participate in the event "Summer Dance Festival" in Vanvikan, Trøndelag. The event is organized by Anne Halonen and is, according to their website;

"a dance festival for children and young people in Indre Fosen.
In 2022 we present a program filled with courses, workshops, performances and joint activities"

RDC Blikkbox Vanvikan.jpg

Photo: Marius Krohn-Hauglie

Photo-editing: Anne Halonen

Radix held a workshop for the oldest youngsters where we further developed our performance "Blikkbox". We introduced the concept of the performance to the festival participants, and then they worked with us on the dance piece. There were 3 of us from Radix who held a workshop, and 5 festival participants, and on the 2nd of July we stood on stage together and presented "Blikkbox vol.2". The result exceeded all expectations and we are very proud of both the effort and performance of all the young dancers who took part.

Many thanks to festival manager Anne who organized such a wonderful arena where young people can experience the art and joy that comes with dance. This is something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Many thanks to everyone who came and saw our performance in Vanvikan.

Lots of love to my fellow Radixers Amelia Smuts and Julia Alieva for a wonderful week together <3


On the left you see a series of photos from both preparatory work and the stage rehearsals form Blikkbox vol.2

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