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Exhange Program in Paris 

January - April 2015

Spring semester 2015 I was chosen by our school to participate in a 3 month exhange program in Paris. The Norwegian College of Dance has always had good international relations, so the jazz students at the school can apply for participation in the Erasmus exchange program in France.
This year I and Mina Weider were the two lucky ones who got to go.


While we were in Paris, we attended two different schools to get the most out of the educational exhange. We went to PSPBB, Pôle supérieur d'enseignement artistique Paris Boulogne-Billancourt, and IFPRO, Institute de Formation Rick Odums. I highly recommend both schools as they were very technical with skilled educators.


I personally received a lot of benefits from the exhange, both personal and professional. Thanks to all the teachers for all the new knowledge and skill I gained, all the people I got to know, and off course my travel partner Mina for all the memories.

The picture over is taken in one of the studios
at Conservatoire de Paris. 

Picture on the left is together with some
of our french classmates.

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