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Cultural events in Dombås

Autumn 2013 and 2014

On two occasions, Lesja-Dovre Dance Team has organized cultural evenings within the hip hop culture at Dombås. Few seats were empty at Dombås Cinema as LDD delivered a thrilling dance show as the newspaper GD writes. Click on the image on the left to read the article of the 2013 show.


On both shows I delivered a solo performance. In 2013, a fusion between hip hop and modern dance, and in 2014 a pure contemporary choreography about helping others in need. Below you can see some pictures taken from the performances.


In 2014, I also had the opportunity to host a workshop for the young dance enthusiasts in our local community. I always enjoy being able to contribute on the home front!


Big thanks to LDD for arranging these events and fighting for cultur in our town. 

The photos with the white dress are taken by Jørn Hansen, while the ones of me in the leopard pants are shot by Svein Rune Berg aka Iguan Design.

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