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Youth Festival in Fjellhallen, Gjøvik

June 2012, 2014 og 2015

TT stands for TenåringsTreff and is the KFUK-KFUM's National Youth Festival. The festival brings together round 1,500 youths from 13-19 year old, from all over the country, for five colorful days of entertainment and activities.


I had the role as choreographer and dancer during the festival
all three years, with the extra role as dance director in 2014 and 2015.

We, the dancers, were part of the show group and delivered entertainment to the audience both morning and evening during the five days. Some performances were pure entertainment contributions, while others had a stronger message behind them.

Me, Kasper Ravn Tovik and Shirley Langhelle have participated as dancers since TT first decided to add a dance crew to the show group in 2012. Throughout the three years, Stine Larsen, Margrethe Rylander, Maria Saxegaard, Ingrid Dahl and Ingrid Strand Endal have also participated as dancers.

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